Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Fun

We tried to cram in some more fall activities this weekend. Thankfully the antibiotics are kicking in and I feel so much better.

On Friday night we took the girls to a local university where the students had set up a great trick or treating area taking up the whole student center. We went with my SIL and my BIL and their two girls. The kids all had a great time! Lots of smiles and lots of candy! You can tell that the college kids really had a lot of fun putting together activities for the little kids to enjoy. Munchkin really got into the trick or treating and wasn't even the slightest scared to go into the spookier rooms. She'd just walk right in and go up to whatever ghost or goblin was holding the candy, say "Trick or Treat", take her candy and move right along to the next one. The older kids were a little more scared but not my brave little girl!

My little kittens

On Saturday it was rainy and cool and very windy so we just hung out at home all day. I still wasn't feeling 100% so Hubby took care of the kids so I could rest in bed. This is what I found when I finally made it downstairs.

Like my ballerina pit bull?

The girls spent the day playing dress up. Curly Girl loves to wear her dance recital costumes all the time. As soon as she gets home from school she changes right into them. They love pushing each other around in their baby doll stroller too.

Curly Girl got started on her Christmas wish list. At least this year she didn't circle EVERY toy in the catalog.
On Sunday the girls and I went to my parents' house for a Halloween party. The girls love playing with their cousins and Mom Mom loves to spoil the kids with whatever they want. Candy? Sure! Cupcakes? Sure! Cookies? Sure! They always have a great time. Here's Curly Girl with my niece and my Mom at her community club house. They have a Halloween party for the kids each year there.

Here's my little nephew dressed up as a cowboy. Isn't he just too cute? His big brother didn't want to wear his pirate costume.
Here's the girls in their costumes. Curly Girl, my two nieces and Munchkin outside the clubhouse waiting for the party to begin.

We've got two more Halloween parties this week, one at dance class on Thursday and Curly Girl's preschool party on Friday. Then I'll finally get around to planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

How was your weekend?


new*me said...

sounds like a very full weekend!!!!!!!!!

Your little kitties are too cute! My kiddos love to play dress up too. I think having girlies is just a blessing for a brings out the girlie girls in us ;) Break out the finger nail polish early ;)

Glad your antibiotics are kickin' in and you are starting to feel better ;)

Big MomMom said...

I enjoy reading are quite the writer!! I guess that Catholic school tuition really has paid off!! Love, MOM