Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Sorry to have been MIA lately but we've been so busy! We've been potty training (very successfully!),

going on a class trip to the pumpkin patch and

Finding the perfect pumpkin
Fresh, hot cider donuts and apple cider! Yum!

we had a birthday party at the park for Munchkin,
Collecting nuts with her cousins
Cousins, just 11 days apart!A Mickey Mouse cake, of course!
Playing at the playgroundClimbing trees

not to mention, I'm trying to keep up with my homework so I can maintain my 4.0 average.

Some great things that happened to us this week:

1. I made the President's List for the spring semester!
2. I was invited to join the International Honor Society!
3. Munchkin has been doing awesome with potty training!
4. Curly Girl is loving school and dance class!
5. Hubby received recognition at work for his 10 years of service!

We have tons of stuff planned like a family trip to the pumpkin patch, a trip to Sesame Place, a visit to the Philadelphia Zoo, just trying to squeeze in as much as possible to enjoy fall!

It's such a busy time of the year but I love it!

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