Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pumpkins, parties & Big Bird!

Wow! We had a busy weekend!

Saturday we went to our favorite pumpkin patch. It must now be everyone's favorite pumpkin patch though because it was so crowded that we quit early and then went to a friend's daughter's birthday party. Here's some of the pumpkin patch pics though:

Today we used our tickets that we had left to visit Sesame Place. We brought our two nieces with us which was great because Munchkin is just 11 days older than my one niece and my other niece is just 2 years older than Curly Girl. We had an awesome dinner at Red Robin and had Happy Birthday sung to Munchkin and my little niece. Their little eyes just lit up, it was so cute!

They all had a great time and passed out as soon as we got on the road to come home. After a quick bath they went right to bed. Here's some pics from today:

How was your weekend? What fun fall things did you do?


Alison said...

Looks like fun. No fun fall things this weekend, just a lot of yard clean-up getting ready for the "W" word. Jake has discovered jumping in leaf piles though and has a blast everytime we go outside.

new*me said...

hey supermommy ;) Those pumpkin patch pics are great! We plan to go in the next week or so. The only fall thing we did this weekend was make smores but we ate indoors because there were millions of bees outside near our pear tree.

You have such a beautiful family!

Liz said...

Those girls have some gorgeous hair!