Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin carving and Mickey Mouse

Guess what we did last night? We finally got our pumpkins carved! Since I'm in school Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights last night was the one night that we'd all be home to carve them together. Even before we had the girls Hubby and I always carved pumpkins for Halloween. Granted, most of those times I was the one that ended up carving them!Munchkin and Curly Girl love to take rides on our shoulders. When no one's around to give her a ride she gives her best buddy Mickey a ride. Here, she insisted that I take her picture with him. On to the pumpkins...
Here's my beautiful Curly Girl working on her pumpkin. In the past we always just let her draw on her pumpkins with markers. This year I actually got a little daring and let them dig into them. Here she is thinking about what she'd like hers to look like. Wow, when I look at this picture all I can think of is how she's going to look when she's a teenager.

Munchkin's getting her markers all ready to draw on her pumpkin. She wasn't really sure what we were doing.
Finally! Pumpkin guts! Both girls really dove right into their pumpkins. There was pumpkin guts everywhere, the table, the floor, their hair, even in Munchkin's ears!

I intended to save the seeds to make some roasted pumpkin seeds but kind of gave up after I started cleaning the whole mess up. Maybe next year!
After a nice bath courtesy of Daddy they came down to see their finished pumpkins. They wanted to take them to bed with them. Yeah, I don't think so!

Think she was excited? She really loved the Mickey and the Minnie pumpkins.

The finished products...



MizFit said...

I CANT WAIT until my Toddler is into the carving (she's almost3) this year? not so much...except to fling GOOOOP everywhere.

lesson learned.

amy said...

what wonderful memories you are the pics

Samantha said...

Cute pumpkins and even cuter girls!

new*me said...

What absolutely gorgeous pumpkins you all carved!!!

I love your daughter's sweater ;)

Making memories is the sweetest part of mommyhood.

MizFit said...

happy halloween and here's to you and I both staying strong (BUT NOT TOO STRONG :)) in the face of the reeces.