Sunday, December 14, 2008

Her Very First Christmas Pageant

Curly Girl had her very first Christmas pageant at her preschool this past Friday night. She was one of the angels and she loved every minute of it.

She was so happy when she walked in and saw not only Mommy and Daddy there but her aunt Tia, Mom Mom and Pop Pop and her big cousin LuLu.

She cracked us all up when she literally strutted up onto the stage waving at us like she was a movie star or something.

After the play, the kids sang some Christmas songs that they've been practicing since Thanksgiving. They all did great! It was obvious the excitement that they all felt at being on stage with family watching.
Munchkin was dying to get on stage just like her big sister. After the play was finished she climbed up on the stage so that we could take her picture too.
Curly Girl and Mommy

Daddy and his girls

Afterwards we headed down to the classroom for refreshments. My sister in law brought some flowers for Curly Girl and she's still got them. She insisted that I put them into a vase in her room as soon as we got home.

We were so proud of Curly Girl and how well she did on stage. She definitely loves being in the spotlight and she's now looking forward to her dance recital in June.

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