Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Christmas Tree Hunt and the "Best Day Ever!"

Wow! It's been almost 10 days since I last posted. Sorry about that. Life just got in the way I guess.

Hubby finally got my computer all fixed up and running again. Thank goodness he works with computers otherwise I would've been in big trouble!

Last weekend we got our Christmas tree. It was quite an adventure. The day was cloudy, overcast and really cold (just about 35 degrees!). We bundled up the girls and grabbed some hot chocolate to take with us.

First we went to the tree farm where we've gotten our trees since 2003. After traipsing around for awhile we couldn't find a tree that was tall enough. We need one that's between 8 and 9 feet tall.

They were all just too small.

Charlie Brown Christmas anyone?

So off we went to the second tree farm. The trees were shaped nicer but still just too small.

The third tree farm was Christmas tree nirvana! We had a hard time choosing a tree because they were all perfect! We finally all agreed on this one.

Then we spent some time wandering around the tree farm. They had hay rides out to visit Santa, an indoor train set that the girls were in love with, Christmas carols, a giant train to climb on...

Then it was time to head home. So we packed everything up and headed home.Later that night we walked down the block to see our town's tree lighting ceremony. When we stepped outside we found that it was snowing! We went down and sang Christmas carols, there was a marching band and Santa arrived via firetruck.

We headed over to the fire station to get warm and the girls got to sit on Santa's lap. Munchkin hopped right up and told Santa that she wanted a candy cane for Christmas. After some prodding from Santa though she finally told him that she also wanted some Mickey Mouse toys for Christmas. Curly Girl asked for a princess Barbie doll. Santa also had a little toy for each of the girls, a Shining Star puppy for Munchkin and a game for Curly Girl.

It was a perfect day and the snow falling down made it even better. When we tucked Curly Girl into bed later that night she told me that it was her "best day ever!".


Shannon ( said...

Wow! Sounds like a great day! Your tree looks beautiful. You should put up a pic of it all decorated. I bet it's gorgeous!

Momisodes said...

You had snow and everything? That really does sound like a magical day :) I just adore all the shots around the trees. What fun!

Can't wait to see the tree up and decorated.