Sunday, August 17, 2008

Where to start...

I have so many things to accomplish this week but I can't seem to get them organized. I sit here at the computer and all of my thoughts just keep swirling around in my head. I guess I just have to get out some paper and start writing down what needs to be done and then just start doing them!

Saturday evening we took the girls for a picnic dinner down by the Delaware River. There's a beautiful park there and we just spread out a blanket and had some fried chicken, red grapes, rolls and potato salad. Curly Girl just kept saying "I love our picnic. It's bee-you-ti-ful!" I tried to take some pictures but of course after the second picture the batteries died. Here's the girls eating their chicken:

The weather has been absolutely perfect. Warm during the day with a light breeze and cool enough at night to need a light blanket. I love this time of year and can't wait for fall.

I've already started organizing the girls' fall clothes. Curly Girl has TONS of clothes. Hand me downs from her older cousins but they are all like new, some even have the tags on them still. Her preschool teacher last year used to call her "Super model" because she always had on a different outfit with matching coats and shoes. She's a lucky girl!

Munchkin is going to need a few more outfits though because she's between a 24 month and a 2T. The clothes that I had from Curly Girl are still a little too big on her to wear so I guess that's what she'll be getting from everyone for her birthday in October.

Curly Girl's birthday is on Wednesday and we're taking the girls to Sesame Place for the day. We've never been there but Curly Girl has been on the rides on the boardwalk down the shore and last November when we went to Disney World. They have a great deal where you buy a ticket now and get another one for later in the season. So, we're going to go on Wednesday and then go back in October for Munchkin's birthday.

I have to finish up planning everything for her birthday party next Saturday. On Tuesday I'm taking her to see a movie and then we'll stop and pick up the paper goods for her party. Then on Friday I'll stay home and get the cooking all done.

I plan on making a butterfly shaped birthday cake from cupcakes. She's obsessed with butterflies and flowers.

Guess I better get started on my list!

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Emily said...

Sesamie place looks so much fun! Have fun!

Don't you have organizing new clothes and getting rid of the old. I do!