Thursday, August 21, 2008

Welcome to Elmo's World!

Yesterday we took Curly Girl and Munchkin to Sesame Place for the day. First we started off the day with some presents and balloons for Curly Girl.

Then after a birthday breakfast of pancakes we packed up and went to Sesame Place.

We've never been there and when both girls realized where we were they were so excited. While Curly Girl and Daddy went on the roller coaster, Munchkin and I stopped to visit Super Grover. She was brave until we got up close to him.
We then went over to see the Elmo's World show. We just made it in before the show was full so we ended up sitting in the nose bleed section. Curly Girl's not a huge Sesame Street fan, she thinks it's for babies, but both girls really enjoyed the Elmo Show. They were singing and clapping and dancing. Munchkin was so excited she stood up on my lap and danced the entire show.
After the show we stopped to watch the parade on Main Street. First we hit the merry go round though. Munchkin sat on my shoulders and danced, clapped and sang the whole time. Curly Girl had a bird's eye view from Daddy's shoulders.
After the parade we stopped and had lunch. We then headed over to the huge play area with climbing nets and all kinds of equipment for kids and grownups to climb on. Hubby took Curly Girl to climb on the nets and I took Munchkin to play in the area for the smaller kids. Then we met back up and I took the girls on a ride together.

The girls then went in this play area called "Ernie's Bed Bounce" , they had so much fun there!

We then went to cool off a bit and splash around in the water. I didn't think to wear my bathing suit so Daddy had to take the girls in the water.
After all that we were totally tired and it was dinner time so we packed up and went to Red Robin for dinner. We've never been there and we were not disappointed! They have the best hamburgers! The waitress even brought out ice cream and sang Happy Birthday to Curly Girl. She didn't forget Munchkin either. She even got her own ice cream.
We had an awesome day! We finally made it home just in time for bed. It was a great way to celebrate Curly Girl's birthday. We'll be going back in October for Munchkin's birthday for sure!

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Trenches of Mommyhood said...

My boyz LOVE to watch the Jon & Kate Plus Eight episode where they go to Sesame Place!