Sunday, November 23, 2008

CVS Deals and the Littlest Reindeer

Can you believe I got all of this for just $2.99?!!! Here's what I got:

(2) 2 packs of Magic Erasers
(2) Revlon Color Stay Eyeliners
(2) Revlon Color Stay Eye Shadow Quads
(2) 4 packs of Scunci No Slip Headbands
(1) Maybelline Mineral Power Foundation
(1) Silk Drops Hair Serum
(1) Complete Saline

Not too shabby, huh?

It was a nice quiet weekend around here. All in anticipation of the upcoming week. I got done some of my Thanksgiving dinner shopping and baked a couple of pumpkin pies. Tomorrow Munchkin and I will finish up our shopping at Walmart after we drop Curly Girl off at school.

Here's a pic of Munchkin getting ready for the holidays:


Tracey said...

NICE shopping!!!

Kristi said...

How did you score such great deals??? Very nice!

And that photo is precious.

Momisodes said...

WOW! A box of regular prices Magic Erasers is more than that!

I love CVS sometimes.

I love that shot of your little munchkin :)

new*me said...

great deals and a cutie!

Hope you had a great holiday with your family!

manda31 said...

How the heck did you manage to get those deals? Im jealous....