Sunday, September 14, 2008

You can lead a horse to water...

Recently we've been having problems with getting Curly Girl to eat her dinner. It doesn't matter what I make she'll look at it and say "That's disgusting." "I'm not hungry." "I don't want that."

I just tell her "Fine, but that's all your getting until breakfast tomorrow."

Hubby on the other hand will beg her, plead with her, yell at her, threaten to take away toys, etc. on and on until he'll finally send her to bed in hysterics.

It's starting to get pretty ridiculous. I've told her no snacks after 3pm to make sure that she's hungry for dinner. I usually only put a little bit of food on her plate so she doesn't feel overwhelmed by it. I know she won't starve herself and she eats well during the day. She'll have breakfast, lunch and a couple of snacks, usually apples, yogurt, that kind of stuff.

I've tried to tell Hubby that she'll come around, that she won't starve herself. He keeps insisting that she has to eat dinner with us. I grew up with an eating disorder that I still struggle with to this day. I don't want either of my girls to have a problem like that so I try my best not to make food an issue. I don't use it as punishment or as a reward.

I have no idea what to do with her at this point. The arguing at dinner time is getting ridiculous.

In other news, I need to get Munchkin in to see the doctor tomorrow. When I was getting her into her pjs tonight I noticed that one of her n*pples was really swollen and seemed sore. I'm not sure what it is so I need to get her in there to get it checked out.

We had a nice quiet weekend around here but I'm glad tomorrow is Monday. It seems that on the weekend when Hubby is home things are totally thrown off schedule and the house is such a mess. I can't wait to get it all back in order tomorrow.


new*me said...

sometimes when my daughter won't eat dinner, I offer her a sandwich or bowl of hot or cold cereal......all of which she loves. I figure it's reasonably healthy and nobody really needs a lot of food late in the day.

MizFit said...

no tips here (youd agree if you saw our dinner times...) just checking in fer the comments from others :)

Ill be back.


Alison said...

We have had that battle in our house too. It is hard to convince those daddys that the kid will eat when the kid wants to eat and not worry about it.

Kristi said...

I've been there, and it's certainly no fun. I generally beg and plead my daughter to eat just a little, and then end up offering her fruit when she won't eat anything else.

PS: Thanks for the kind words on my blog the other day. It was just the ego boost I needed!

Wendi said...

All of us fat moms know and understand your way of thinking at dinner time, but if hubby is so adamant that she eat, what is his thinking? Maybe you could get him to join you at the next pediatric appointment and have the doctor tell him that she is just being a kid and that this is normal. I can tell my husband stuff for years and he won't listen but as soon as he hears it from someone else it's golden. Will your daughter sit at the dinner with her plate in front of her witht he family until dinner is over? Maybe she will nibble over conversation and not even realize it. Everyone happy