Sunday, September 7, 2008

CVSing and football

Lately I've been tentatively dipping my toe into the CVS pool. With more practice I'm getting better at getting some pretty good deals. This is what I got plus a Sunday newspaper (not shown) this week for a total of $8.60.
Then I went to Target and got two 60 count size 6 boxes of Luvs for a total of $19.

My final stop was at Lane Bryant. I desperately need some new clothes and I had some Real Woman dollars which are coupons for $25 off every $50 you purchase which my Mom gave me plus I had $65 on a gift card for a return I made and through My Points. I ended up getting a sweater plus 5 shirts for just $35 oop.

It was a really nice day out. Hubby kept the girls at home with him so that I could get some "me" time which I desperately needed. This week is the beginning of our busy schedule. Curly Girl will start preschool tomorrow three days a week plus dance class on Thursday mornings. Hubby is going to a certification class every day this week plus he'll have to complete some online coursework and I have school three nights a week. It's nice to get back into the fall groove though.

On another note, the Eagles won their opener today! E A G L E S! EAGLES!!! Here's Munchkin wearing her Eagles hat for good luck.

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amy said...

You really got some good deals. Love your blog and your sweet pics!~

I love LB dollars!~