Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Don't Make The Mommies Mad!

Curly Girl's preschool is in the basement of a nearby church in a quiet, upscale. very old established neighborhood. One of the next door neighbor's has always given the church grief over the fact that when dropping off their children for preschool the moms (OH THE HORROR!) park in front of his house for a whole ten minutes.

Well it seems that since there is a new pastor in the church who doesn't want to rock the boat he agreed to reroute the way the children enter the school. Now instead of walking up a short walkway and entering the school doors we have to bring our kids around to the other side of the church, enter a side door, go up a flight of steps, down a hallway, down two more flights of steep, narrow, slippery steps, down another hallway and finally into the classroom.

I don't necessarily mind it so much but it's probably because I'm a pretty easygoing person however at drop off today there was a group of moms trying to convince everyone to still park they're cars, SUVs and minivans right in front of this man's house. I think it's pretty funny.

So when I went back to pick up Curly Girl from school everyone parked right in front of the man's house. I can't wait to see what happens next.

It's really ridiculous how petty some people can be. I mean, people are only dropping off their 3, 4 and 5 year olds for preschool for maybe ten minutes twice a day.

Me? I have more important things to worry about; like how can I get the people who go to the church in front of my house to stop parking in front of my house on Sundays? Oh, and I did park in front of his house : )

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Wendi said...

I have a drama free policy. Why do people do things to create drama?

I love your layout and look forward to your blogs.

Good luck on the C.C.C.C.