Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Moon Sand stinks!

This stuff?

Do yourself a favor and DON'T GET IT! It sucks!

Curly Girl got some from Santa and yesterday I finally let her open it because we were stuck inside on a cold, rainy day. It's messy, doesn't stick together except to your kid's hands which they then proceed to wipe all over everything. You also need to wash their hands with dish soap to get all of the residue off.

Apparently it's not as fun as play doh either because after five minutes Curly Girl sighed, looked at me and said that she's "so done with it". So after 15 minutes of cleaning up it has now been sent to purgatory, also known as the basement here. Never to be seen again until spring when I let them take it outside and never bring it back over my threshold.


Ali said...

i *HATE* moon sand!
i bought it for my kids because i heard it was amazing. i ended up throwing the entire thing away, after taking a good 40 minutes to clean it all up!

new*me said...

my son has always asked but I kind of figured it would be too messy for my ocd for play doh......strictly a thing for daddy and kids in the basement on concrete floor or outside on the kids table when the weather is nice :)

Samantha said...

Moon sand is an outdoor toy at our house. Definitely messy!