Friday, January 16, 2009

The Easter Bunny and Muffins at the Mall

7:30 am this morning:

Curly Girl: "Mommy! Hurry, come downstairs and see what's there!"

Me: still half asleep "What is it, sweetie?"

Curly Girl: "The Easter Bunny was here last night and decorated our house for Valentine's Day!"

Silly girl! I had to explain it to her that I did it last night after she went to bed. She loves to decorate the house so I saved a few things for her to put up today when she gets back from preschool.

Yesterday I took the girls to the mall to walk around for a bit with my Mom and my little niece. My girls love to walk around in the mall and look at everything. Their favorite place to stop is the food court where we usually get some muffins from My Favorite Muffin.

As we were walking around the mall Curly Girl looked up at me and said "I love coming to the mall!"

I asked her, "What do you love about the mall?"

She says, "Muffins. And clothes."

Boy, she certainly does take after me in some ways!


new*me said...

I'm with her on the muffins :) You'll have to take some pics of your Valentine's decorations......maybe it will inspire me to have the courage to take down the tree and begin with another holiday ;)

Hubby is really giving me a hard time with not being able to let go of Christmas this year. Today I am even wearing my Christmas vest and santa earrings!

Momisodes said...

Those are some very good reasons :) Some of my favorite ones as well!

new*me said...

hey stranger! Ihope all is well! You have been MIA :).........miss you!

Herbalife Las Vegas said...

Muffins and clothes, soo cute. Your such a good mom.