Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year and All That

So, yeah...things have been a little crazy around here. I'm still working on taking down the Christmas decorations, attending various preschool birthday parties and all that good stuff.

I dropped off a whole van load of stuff off at Goodwill today and snagged a 5 foot tall light up plastic snowman for next Christmas. I've been wanting one! Everyone must be decluttering too because for the first time I actually had to wait in line to pull up and unload everything.

Santa was very good to all of us. I've been wanting a pink iPod forever and I finally got one plus some other things. The kids got everything they wanted and had a great holiday. Hubby started his new job and is getting all settled in so things are good.

I heard about Project 365 today and decided that I'd do it. Here's my first three days of 2009:

January 1, 2009
Getting a pedicure
January 2, 2009
Never too many Mickeys!

January 3, 2009


moosh in indy. said...

Hold the phone, is that a power drill on your dog's nails and HE'S SLEEPING THROUGH IT?

MizFit said...

we have to bodyslam our bullmastiff to do his nails...