Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Walk in the Park

This past Saturday was absolutely beautiful! One of the girls' most favorite things to do is to have dinner at the park. We grabbed a pizza and headed to the park to eat and play.

Curly Girl loves the Power Puff Girls. Here she is pretending to be Buttercup.

Munchkin and Curly Girl, the Power Puff Girls!

After eating our dinner we headed down to the river for a walk.

The girls were dying to go down to the water and throw stones.

They love exploring around the historical site and finding new things.

They had fun playing with their shadows.

They thought it was pretty cool to go out over the water on the pier.

Finally! Munchkin loves throwing stones into the river.

And, as the sun went down we stopped at the playground for a little swinging and sliding.

It was a great day.


MizFit said...

so sweet.
and SO makes me wanna start mommyblogging again.

new*me said...

Great shots!!!!! I wanna play too! I love all the pics but especially the ones by the water.